5 – Family


5. Family

Children are the future!  They will carry on with the world long after we move to the next world.  It is our solemn duty and privilege to instill the highest and best values and beliefs possible.  This will ensure that the world one day reaches the highest and best version of itself. 

Some indicators of a sick society may be the rising divorce rate, the loss of unity and openly negative communication.  This workshop drives home the power of words that empower families to not only heal their families but heal the world.



QUESTION: How important is family unity when reaching for well-being?

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When you turn on the TV does it provide you with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Today's world makes the truth look like a lie and a lie look like the truth to further the agenda that is most favorable at the moment.  

Let's get back to truth!

Hub-Om workshops lay the foundation for the development of "Life Purpose." It takes TIME to come up with a better idea, but time is the one thing we don't have. So what do we do with the majority of our free time? We watch TV.   TV programs that keep the MIND occupied, but don't help us improve our circumstances or solve the problems of society. So we find ourselves in a never-ending cycle because our dreams don't have enough time to develop into something tangible.

TV-Hub-Om 7-Day Challenge 1Turn off the TV!

7-Day Challenge:

Watch TV for Well-Being instead!

Witness the transformation of humanity.

  •  Use TV for Well-Being as a powerful tool for transition and unification.
  • We find leaders who are contributing videos and we post them on TV for Well-Being.
  • Most of them do not know that they have been included.
  • Some of them offer programs or plans.
  • Some offer products or innovations.
  • Some of them offer ways to make money in a new way.
  • All of them offer a chance to transition to a higher, more exciting way of life.

What is the most important reason
to turn off the TV?

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