4 – Spirit



4. Spirit

Create Well-Being 

A Musical Presentation teaching the ABCs of Well-Being

  • Using music as a tool to change negative emotions to positive.
  • Using music as a way to elevate your energy.
  • Using music as a method to tune to higher frequencies.
  • Using music as a way to connect to God.
  • Nurturing unity by establishing common measurable goals including world peace, a restored earth and abundance for all.


Historically, religion has been used as both a source of truth and light and a source of division and heart break.  This double-edged sword works deep within us.  Are we looking for a way to rise above others or are we looking for a way to empower others?  Do we serve ego or God?

The ego buys into the false idea that there is one group or one leader who has all the answers, and all others must then be false or less enlightened. 

Spiritual maturity causes us to put all the pieces of truth and light together and sift out any notion that brings superiority or division.  We begin to see the true picture of a enlightened society that learns from each other and embraces all words that elevate the energy of the planet towards our stated vision: world peace, a restored earth and abundance for all. 

Doctrine causes division, but concrete goals create unity.  We partner with churches, wards, mosques and other centers where people congregate such as schools, gyms or the workplace.  We base our partnerships upon the goals they are reaching for and how much passion we have for their goals.  Without a vision people fall into the trap of hosting meetings for the sake of meetings, without a larger goal for those that attend.

When we bring Well-Being Workshops to your group, we teach the ABCs of Well-Being through a 30-minute Musical Presentation that encourages those who attend to sing along, play instruments, dance and exercise while they watch the presentation A through Z.  The concepts are simple and straight forward and apply to every man, woman and child regardless of age, ethnicity, socio-economic status or religion.



Invite us to bring Hub-Om Workshops to your circle,
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Human Energy Concert 1a

QUESTION: How important is spiritual maturity
when reaching for well-being?

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