7 Dimensions of Life

We provide teaching materials for 7 topics. 

Which topic makes you excited about the possibility of teaching?

1- Financial Well-Being

Survival or "survival of the fittest" is a negative concept when applied to humans.  It is an out-dated notion that no longer serves us.  Learn how a team of ordinary human beings can do something extraordinary when instead of crushing the competition they work together for the common good.

2- Physical Well-Being

Learn the ins and outs of your bodily systems and how to make them work for you instead of against you.  Avoid the addictions and side effects that follow pharmaceuticals, by saying no to medications until you have first exhausted every natural healing path available.

3- Personal Well-Being

"You are what you eat."  How about "you are what you watch on TV, listen to on the radio, play on video games, or read in magazines?" TV for well-being is a collection of free youtube videos uploaded by leaders of the well-being movement. Find out what you "are" when you watch this kind of TV.

4- Emotional Well-Being

Master your emotions until you feel strong and powerful in your own circumstances.  Learn to let everyone and everything go. Focus on the real solutions in your life starting deep within you.  No one else holds the key.  Choose to listen to the positive voices in your heart and mind tune out the negative.

5- Social Well-Being

Is the social structure of today's society leading to well-being?  Not according to the millions of people who were polled.  Doctors tell us that the number one reason for visits to the physician is the sense of loneliness in a crowd.  Anti-depressants numb the pain but don't solve the loneliness. We must learn the secrets of connection with those closest to us and expand our circle of love out from there.


6- Life Purpose

Where belonging begins, corruption ends.
In a competitive environment the sense of belonging is disrupted.  Cooperation and contribution is the only way to change the world for the better and find your greatest sense of life purpose. Find your passion.  Find your life purpose.  See to it that your gifts are recognized, valued and used to the fullest extent possible.

7- Global Well-Being

We all can make the world a better place.  It's not enough for some of us to "take what we can get" while others are starving, homeless or enslaved.  The internet and modern technology has made it more than possible to put an end to hunger, poverty and slavery once and for all, for all humanity. All we have to do is make a plan.