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Highest Universal Blueprint - Oneness Model

Organizing People and their Gifts into Self-Governing Think Tanks


Don't struggle alone! Hub-Om is a local hub that meets in person to plan local projects and global projects. Like a magnet we want to draw the conscious community into one powerful unified purpose. You will feel the sense of connection that comes from being part of a tribe who values your gifts and welcomes you into their circle. SURVIVAL of the fittest is an outdated theory that keeps us trapped in "survival mode."  Instead of "crushing the competition" we must gather resources and work together for the common good.  Doctors tell us that the number one reason for visits to the physician is the sense of loneliness in a crowd.  Anti-depressants numb the pain but don't solve the loneliness. We must learn the secrets of connection. Until we do, we will struggle alone and remain lonely.


“The Gathering”

It is our strong belief that highest well-being cannot be achieved alone. A crucial component of highest well-being is being part of a unified tribe that is involved in complex cooperation, collaboration, and co-creation.  The idea that you can love yourself, nurture yourself, and satisfy your own need for affection and connection is contrary to everything we know to be true about the universe.  We are one.  Therefore becoming disconnected, self-focused, individualists will only meet a few of the essential elements of well-being. The remaining elements are only provided through deep connection with others who are energetically aligned with you.


Powerful Oneness; Co-creating our own one percent.


The world needs us to unify and be strong!  Are you ready to leave all the noise behind and tune into that voice inside? Your gifts of compassion, organization, and leadership will bring others to greater well-being.  But first, we must foster well-being in YOU. We need to fill you up until the water of life overflows from your soul. Then, wherever you go, thirsty people will get the regeneration and refreshment they need! We can create our own one percent break away society that shifts the energy of the planet by planning, designing, and building Arcologies of Highest Well-Being from the inside out.



Torus flow of energy.

Why have membership dues?

Money is energy.  In order for energy to keep flowing like a torus we have to pour energy out and receive energy back. Membership starts with a generous monthly maintenance donation of $30 that flows out from you. It pays for the expenses of the organization. The more members, the more monthly income, the more we can do as a group.  Our local hub can grow into something fantastic and flow energy back to you!  In other words, we walk beside you until you can walk beside others.  We develop your life purpose until you can develop purpose in others.  We help you find your voice until you can help others find theirs. We find a distinct place of honor for your gifts and talents within our organization until every one of us are making the most money we can possibly make and the fullest impact we can possibly have on planet earth.


$30 monthly membership

Monthly maintenance donation from you helps the organization flow energy back to you in an ever-expanding exchange of torus energy.